Deep Mind | Monarch Contemporary Art | La Jolla CA | 2016

Photos by Paul Koester

The Internet and personal computer were not a part my early childhood in the mid 80’s in rural Vermont. Thirty years later, the Internet has connected the entire world, and nearly everyone has a super computer in their pocket. Just last month, at my latest opening reception I watched as a two year old in a stroller swiped away for hours on her iPad. This little girl will grow up in a fundamentally different world than I did and will have a profound mental connection with intelligent computing technology. As a mirror for society, art must allow us to see anew the rapid integration of biological (human) intelligence and non-biological (computer) intelligence as one of the most intriguing and influential phenomena of our time. By looking at how we use technology we explore our identities and discover our place in the world. 

In this exhibition I combine works from ‘Momentum’ and ‘Techno-Mythology’. The figures become characters in the saga of human life stretching from prehistory into the future. Tales of who we were and who we may become. This timeline illustrates how far we have come and the staggering pace of technological advancement today. My work expresses the power and fragility of humanity whose fate seems to be tied to the rapid growth of technology. By creating sculptures that address future advancements in biotech, robotics, networks, and immersion I raises questions about our increasingly symbiotic relationship with technology. As I began to think about the interaction and the changes that are happening I wanted to start by understanding our past, where we come from and who we were. So with this group of work I have reached into the past as well as into the future to try and capture the feeling, if not the direction, of our present.

Each sculpture gives context to the narrative as a whole, and so I am grateful to be able to show so many together. Thank you to Elsie Arredondo at Monarch Contemporary for making the show possible. I am ecstatic to have had the opportunity to bring some actual cutting edge technology into the art gallery in the form of the Oculus Rift. It became a performance of sorts as the gallery patrons ventured into simulated experiences during the opening.