As part of the development of The Yards in the southeast quadrant of Washington, D.C., adjacent to the Washington Navy Yard, a newly formed entrance gateway and publicly accessible space has been created from the combination of a segment of an existing historic boundary wall and sentry tower with a new mixed-use building.  Photographs of Navy Yard industrial workers; of varying ages, genders and races, within the Annex, were selected as a starting point to root the art within an actual context. This provided an opportunity to layer the histories of the brick structures which date to 1905 and those representations of individuals at work, creating large-scale and precision nautical equipment for the Navy. 

After wrapping my head around the project and creating a detailed proposal.  I was charged to reinterpret the photographic imagery. They decided my artistic style and technique of creating expressive semi-transparent human forms from plate and wire metal, as well as my ability to infuse intention and personality attributes, was an ideal fit for a project that required that the brick background be equally as celebrated as the artistic depictions. Four panels were created, showcasing different attributes of the former workforce: teamwork, women and the industrial nature of employing fine handwork and molten metals. It was a great experience collaborating with the art direction from Russell Design in order to portray the workers activities and capture an energy that celebrates and humanizes the past as well as conjures connections to the present day.  I am proud of the project, I think it was a success and it was an invaluable experience of completing a large scale project from sketches to a permanent outdoor installation. And I am looking forward to the next big project.


The installation is located on the inside of the historic brick wall in the entrance to the Harris Teeter.