In large part humans have the same brains as we did one million years ago. Emotionally, biochemically, and intellectually we are in many ways still apes yet we wield technology with great power that is constantly advancing at great speed. So fast in fact that we have little idea where it is actually going yet we hold on and accept that our fates are tied together. Ride or Die is an allegorical sculpture with the blindfolded chimp representing humanity and the motorcycle technology.

Prayer is a dynamic look at the merging of robotics and humanity. When looking into the future typically we wonder how machines will effect mankind. This sculpture looks at how mankind may effect artificial intelligence as their parent/creator. What traits and traditions may get passed on?

Look closely at 'Plugged In' and you can see the LED wires that illuminate the child on her back.  The relationship between parent and child interests me as our generations of technology get shorter and shorter. The more advanced we get the stranger the relationships between human generations will become.

The man who couldn't feel is a personal a deeply emotional piece based on my experience with loss. It serves in the show to illustrate the ability and perhaps willingness of people to disconnect with their biology due to the pain and suffering possible in our current existence.

The power to connect people and to share thoughts is at an all time high and is increasing faster all the time. Behind the Veil is a sculpture and video installation that talks about the growing connectivity of humans and technology. The video link is the last image on the right.