2017 Medium, Space 4 Art, San Diego, CA

2016 New Contemporaries, City Gallery, San Diego, CA

2016 Five Year Anniversary, Sergott Contemporary, Rancho Sante Fe, CA

2016, (Re) Formation, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA

2016 MAS Attack, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA

2016 Deep Mind, Monarch Arredon Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA

2015 Rainwater Gallery, Hunington Beach, CA

2015 Whitebox Contemporary, San Diego CA

2015 Debris and Detritus, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA

2015 NTC Liberty Station, San Diego, CA

2014 San Diego Botanic Gardens, San Diego, CA

2014 DeBilzan Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2014 Whitebox Contemporary, San Diego, CA

2013 Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

2013 Space4Art, San Diego, CA,

2012 Noel-Baza Fine Art, San Diego, CA

2010 BWAC, New York, NY

2009 Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

Public Commissions

2014 Sentry Tower Wall at The Yards, Washington D.C., with Forest City and Russel Design


2016, Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency


2009 BFA, Sculpture/Drawing, University of New Hampshire


My work participates in the tradition of mythological, religious, and historical narrative in art. I am working to tell stories about the nature of our relationship to technology from a broad perspective. I use the figure as a starting place to express the phenomena of technology to conform to, contort, and extend the human body. My process and materials play a vital role in shaping the narrative. Taking influence from Medardo Rosso, I use techniques of material transitions, mark making, and patina to express time. In the past my work incorporated traditional and industrial materials but recently I have begun mining industrial scrap yards, electronic recycling centers, swap meets, and storage units to sculpt with what I would characterize as the debris and artifacts of culture. I also began experimenting with video. The combination of new and old materials along with the use of craft, mechanized, and digital modes of art making embeds the evolution of technology as an implicit narrative in my artwork. I see the phenomenon of the extending self and subsequent dissolution of the individual as a defining characteristic of our time and believe it is an important story to tell.