In the summer of 2016 I spent seven weeks in southern California's high desert as a part of the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency program hosted by Joshua Tree Art Gallery. My project took the form of a video, photo series, and sculpture. In addition, I documented my time in the desert in the form of a creative writing project. The Planet 29 Logs

2016, Patches Episode 1, video,  1:00

2016, Patches Episode 2, video, 1:24

2016, Patches Episode 3, video, 1:03

The desert is one of the few places left where at night the veil over the earth is lifted and the universe revealed. This view is a shared experience with all of our ancestors and allows us to see our greatest potential. We are space travelers. However, the light of day reveals a frustrated and violent display of humanities imperfections. All manner of products litter the landscape; placed there by human hands where they remain indefinitely. The enchanted stillness of the desert does us a favor by not disguising our disregard.

Approaching the duality of our potential through the act of make believe I have allowed myself to become lost. The created illusion of visitor to this alien landscape unravels as the character interact with the environment. This exercise has allowed me to rediscover a creative innocence in myself and explore my frustration with the loss of that innocence. 

2016, Photographs, From Left to Right - Chair America, Night Ritual, Silver Self, Demons Decieve, Nothing to Do, Desert Vacation

2016, Harvey McLure, Found objects, metal, paint