Why I am starting a blog

Probably the same reasons every artist has a blog but before I got started I felt I needed to define it for myself.  So here goes.

I have been making sculpture for 6 years now. In those six years I have engaged with many people through my artwork.  However interesting, they are usually fleeting conversations.  Whether with patrons or homeless people outside my studio they are interactions that I cherish. This blogs main purpose is to expand those interactions. To create an ongoing conversation about my work and about sculpture in general.

If a sculpture falls over and no one hears it does it make a sound?  It does.  But if no one sees my sculptures they can’t fall in love with them or start a cult following and worship them creating the best religion of all time.  That may be taking it a little far but the sculptures still need to be seen and to be talked about or else what am I spending all of my time doing.

As I write this my first challenge is to overcome the insane flare up of self-importance that writing about my work creates.  But my sculpture has inspired people. Some people do appreciate and even love the art that I make. This blog is about finding more of those people and opening myself up to them.

I am starting this blog to tell my story, share my opinion, my interests, and to share my inspiration. Hopefully at the same time I will become better at writing about my work and get feedback from the audience I build.

Be a member of that audience and you will feel so cool when I am mega famous.  So bookmark this page and come back for more.  http://www.robertmichaeljones.com/ 


Robert Michael Jones