Robert Michael Jones is a contemporary metal sculptor. His electric sculpting style brings to life characters of his own making that are both exciting and thought provoking. Characters that inspire modern mythologies  and speak of the past and future.

Research Log 12

I woke up in a sweat this morning from oversleeping after a long night of research. Recently the temperature has risen dramatically. I’ve had to take extra precautions and recoil to the safety of my quarters in the middle of the days.

As I learn more about Planet 29 (the conflicts over water and power, and the history of the place) I think of the history of the galaxy and how people even arrived here. I took a look in the historic annals of the galactic knowledge and found that there are many theories of what triggered the Expansion; the time when the human species began rapidly populating the galaxy. Oddly enough it was before the hyper relay system was ever created. People began sending out intelligent machines that could withstand the long cold journeys between stars. The vessels began seeding the galaxy. Before that though humanity was isolated to a single planet. Burdened by ideological conflict and still extremely vulnerable to the volatile geological and astrological forces. Can you imagine? Any number of things could have destroyed the progress intelligent life had made on that one planet so long ago. Then something happened and technology advanced rapidly. Soon after those early humans secured their solar system the seeding began. Personally I think it was the discovery of the source code that allowed them to succeed. Some historians think it was around that time that Henry McLure discovered the code hidden in the strings of the universe. The conformation of an intelligent creator may have unified the species. At least for a time. Allowing for rapid advancement. Or so the theory goes. We may never know unless someone discovers a way to go back in time. Just kidding. You can’t go backwards.

The discovery of the source code caused some unrest, briefly, but I imagine once people really let it sink in they realized it changed nothing about their experience. All the rules and sensory inputs of the universe were still just as real. Few of even the brightest AI assisted humans have the capability to really understand even a fraction of the code, and so, the universe largely remained a mystery. Once things settled a host of new religions began to emerge. Some believe we are in one of an infinite number of realities where every imaginable variation of the source code exists as some kind of experiment. Another theory suggests that we are the creators and that after we became bored with unlimited knowledge and omnipresent power we constructed this universe, governed by the source code, so that we could re-discover everything. I guess I am attracted to this theory because I like the idea that real meaning is in the searching not in the knowing. Plus if you think about it all knowingness seems pretty boring. Although this kind of human centric thinking has been shattered time and time again, so personally I don’t place much stake in it.

Naturally the discovery of the source code lead to the rapid development of the world creating industry, which developed all manner of simulations for people to live in. Many thought they could perfect the source code. Turns out that the balance of order and chaos in the source code was the key that was hard to replicate. All other worlds seem a bit too chaotic or sterilized to me. People like them though. Most of them are just recreational simulations; people do whatever they want worry free, they like being detached, floating through realities. Some entire planets populations are maintained by machine intelligence so everyone can float.

A few realities have been specially designed as creative variations on reality prime. Both people and AI’s are recruited and allowed in to boost their creativity. They have become idea farms and have significantly increased the acceleration of information complexity. My younger brother, born and raised in a simulation, is preparing to be one of the first wave to train in a second tier simulation. A sim inside of a sim. I wish him well but, I remain in the source code.

I’ve done what can to eliminate unnecessary programs and to clean Susan’s cooling system. It seems to have helped considerably and the last few days have been productive.

-RMJ signing of