Robert Michael Jones is a contemporary metal sculptor. His electric sculpting style brings to life characters of his own making that are both exciting and thought provoking. Characters that inspire modern mythologies  and speak of the past and future.

Research Log 4

After a good night’s sleep am up promptly with the sun and am determined to sync my body to the planetary cycles.

I introduced the basis for my research to the owners of the compound this morning. They have offered there insight and given me a tour of the facilities available to me, which are much more extensive than I had imagined. Surely this will make for more accurate findings.

The open space here seems to create a relative lawlessness that blurs the lines between private ownership, common use, government, and claimed property. You find many ‘Private Property’ signs voicing ownership as if it is a constantly disputed or disregarded fact. 

The extreme heat of Planet 29 forces me to customize a suit to withstand it. I will browse the local markets tomorrow to see if I can scrape together parts that will keep me safe in the field. There are many dangers in the wilder spaces here on Planet 29. And that is precisely where intend to go.

The terrain out here can be rough and often hovercraft are necessary for travel across the deep sands and heavily textured landscape. Unfortunately I have only a small ground vehicle. I will have to do a lot of walking.

A low grumble starts in my left ear and steadily gets louder until it is an obnoxious roar. Then two more. Luckily the raiders pass by below as I sit safely outside my quarters. They tear open the night. Defying the stillness.

-RMJ signing of