Robert Michael Jones is a contemporary metal sculptor. His electric sculpting style brings to life characters of his own making that are both exciting and thought provoking. Characters that inspire modern mythologies  and speak of the past and future.

Research Log 6

The suit is mostly ready but finding a few key parts have proved impossible. I have located them off world and arranged for my first supply drops. I anxiously await them.

This desert landscape is majestic but I can’t help but long for the lush green of my birth planet. Most of my family are still there and it seems like years since I have been back. The galaxy is huge though and my research seems to always pull me away.

The clouds have dispersed now and my writing tablet is a dim reflection of the night sky that I have been missing these past few nights. I exhaust myself; sanding, refining, sanding refining.. The final parts arrived today and I have spent all night putting the final touches on the suit that will allow me to do extensive field research in extreme heat. The suit is complete with oxygen, water supplies and it monitors my bodily functions and supplements with the appropriate minerals and calories. It should keep me safe and comfortable for an extended period. If everything functions properly. 

My mind has often been wandering into the past here on Planet 29. At the moment I think of my uncle who once responded to a crash and saved a man’s life. He used his his hands to cover a spraying gash in the man’s neck until help arrived. I wonder what it was like to be so close to death. Testing on my suit begins tomorrow and I am not sure I’ll sleep much tonight. Then again I am exhausted.

-RMJ signing of