Robert Michael Jones is a contemporary metal sculptor. His electric sculpting style brings to life characters of his own making that are both exciting and thought provoking. Characters that inspire modern mythologies  and speak of the past and future.

Research Log 7

I have a spring in my step this morning because finally the suit is ready for testing! My research has revealed many sites of interest that I am energized to explore. Ancient rock drawings, perhaps the first recorded alien contact site, and many archaeological dig sites revealing the habits of a civilization.  

I’ve decided to test it close to home today. I have checked and rechecked and am ready to set out. If this is my last log then the suit has failed.

I made it. I’ve sterilized myself after just getting back from testing the suit. There were some water delivery failures, ventilation issues, and some damage to the suit’s outer shell but overall it went well. I am alive and I got some field work done. The suit protects me from the immediate dangers of the desert but does a poor job of monitoring my fatigue. Turns out I will need some physical conditioning to go with my suits life support.

I visited a nearby archaeological site and found it mostly picked through and raided. Through the remaining objects I tried to get a sense of these lost people’s lives. What was important to them? How did they live? An interesting visit but I will need more time for conclusive results.

As Planet 29 orbits in its solar system the landscape changes colors. The blue sky contrasts an array of ochres and browns which get washed with orange light in the morning and evening and in the middle hours are bombarded with a harsh white/yellow light. When the light diminishes over the horizon everything cools to shades of blue and eventually gets to such a deep dark blue that all you can see are the stars. That’s where I am now in the cycle, sitting under the stars and wondering what the rest of the universe looks like. I wonder if we will ever crack inter-galactic travel.

-RMJ signing of