Robert Michael Jones is a contemporary metal sculptor. His electric sculpting style brings to life characters of his own making that are both exciting and thought provoking. Characters that inspire modern mythologies  and speak of the past and future.

Research Log 8

I am needed off world briefly to present some previous research. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until got to the second hyperspace relay which had a ridiculous back up of merchants and travelers due to an unusually large solar flare. Anxious about waiting around I had Susan route me a detour which took me longer than expected. I did get to fly by one of the moons of Oasis though. A gorgeous green and blue dot shimmering against the dark of space. I stopped in at the fueling station and the worker tried to sell me some pie. Said it was the best in this quadrant of the galaxy. No time for pie buddy, I’ve got a warm bed waiting for me at my final destination.

Apparently the solar flare damaged some of the relays and has caused some of my logs to arrive late.

The presentation went well. As usual my research cannot be simply dropped off and logged into the university servers by the professors like most. My research has taken a more physical form. It requires object evidence and I have to spend all day heavy lifting just to present my findings.

Planet Oasis, where I have just presented my research, is a nice contrast from Planet 29. Oasis is the lesser of a couple dense metropolis planets in this solar system. The population is confined to an island that sits in a vast ocean. It is a common vacation planet and is known for its beautiful beaches. I find it is a nice break from the quiet of Planet 29. Even though I will never meet most all of the people here, being inside such a buzzing system energizes me.

A hulking battle cruiser flies past me as I make my way to the hyperspace relay. Good thing there is no sound this far out of the atmosphere because that thing must make quite a roar. Must be headed to one of Oasis’s massive military arrays. They say Oasis is of critical strategic importance to galactic stability. I continue on to the relay where I am stretched to oblivion and reassembled across the galaxy.

-RMJ logging off